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Programs By MWA

Scholarship Program

MWA provides scholarships to the students and women for the assistance in their education.

Volunteer Service at Shelters

MWA volunteers visits shelters once a month to assist them in different areas including cooking for the homeless and needy people.

Summer Camp

MWA Summer Camp is an extraordinary blend of learning and fun program for children and teenagers conducted during summer months. 

Youth Day Camp

MWA provides kids a safe and fun filled environment at Islamic Center of Daytona Beach on School Holidays from 7am-5:30pm.

Back to School Supplies Drive

MWA organize a drive for back to school supplies for the elementary school kids once a year. 

Environment Awareness/Earth Day

MWA organize activities for the kids on every year on Earth day. These activities provides knowledge about our surrounding environment and its changes.

Coats Drive

Winters can be very harsh for the people who do not have proper clothing according to the weather. MWA collects gently used coats for all ages and gender and donate them to the needy people and families.

Food Pantry

MWA supply food items all year around for the people in need. Food pantry is located in Islamic Center Daytona Beach. Perishable items are stored in refrigerators especially arranged for MWA food pantry.

Hospital Care Baskets

MWA volunteers put together special baskets for the patients admitted in hospital.

Garage Sale

MWA conducts Garage sale annually. The volunteers from Organization collects the gently used items, sort them and sell them Garage sale day for fundraising purpose.

Community Outreach Program

MWA organizes and outreach program for the community and invite non-Muslims and Muslims at the Mosque  in order to increase awareness about the Islam and Quran. 

Adopt a Family

MWA connect sponsors with the families in need to receive assistance in providing the daily household requirements or needs.

Spring Flower Sale

MWA organizes plants sale every spring for the purpose of fundraising.

International Clothing Exchange

MWA provides a platform all year around to exchange and reuse or recycle clothing from different parts of the world.

Coupon Collect Drive

Once a year, MWA organizes Coupon collecting drive at the mosque.

Community Dinners
MWA organizes a dinner once a month for fundraising purpose.
Breakfast After Fajr 

MWA volunteers cooked delicious breakfast for the people come to the mosque for Fajr prayers during the month of Ramadan.

Coming Soon

New MWA Program

Coming Soon

New MWA Program

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